Best Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata 2018 | Best Pandals in Kolkata for Durga Puja

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Durga Puja is the biggest festival for all Bengalis. But, the way, Kolkata celebrates the festival, makes it all the more big. It is actually magnificent and you simply cannot miss this opportunity; at least not in 2018.

Best Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata for 2018

Best Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata 2018-19

We are talking about the Durga Puja pandal hopping. There are more than 300 Durga Puje pandals in Kolkata itself. Some are small and some are really renowned and big. To cover all those renowned Durga Puja pandals, you need a proper road map of Kolkata. Here is guidance for you, that will work to find the best Durga Puja Pandals in Kolkata 2018.

It is true that you cannot cover the whole Kolkata in one day or one night. So, it will be better if you divide Kolkata into different zones and then start pandal hopping. You can start from Shashti, then Saptami, Asthami, Nabomi and you can finish off the whole Kolkata by Dashomi.

Best Durga Puja Pandals in South-West Kolkata for 2018-19


Best Durga Puja Pandals in South West Kolkata Map

South-West Kolkata Map

Let’s start from extreme South covering South Suburban and South West– Behala:

If you are moving from Taratala towards Behala by Diamond Harbour Road on the right towards Parnashree, you will find-

  1. Aikya Sammelan
  2. Behala Club
  3. Agradut Club
  4. Pannashree Palli
  5. Naskarpur Sarbojonin
  6. Netaji Sangha
  7. Evergreen Club
  8. Debdaru Fatak

Then, come back to Diamond Harbour Road and take the left turn, take the Roy Bahadur Road and cover-

  1. Mitra Sangha
  2. Nandana Yuba Sangha
  3. Sahapur
  4. Mitali Sangha

Start moving through James Long Road and cover-

  1. Behala Shree Sangha
  2. Behala Natun Dal
  3. Pragati Sangha

Again on the right side of Diamond Harbour Road, cover-

  1. Bandhudal
  2. Arcadia

Move forward through Diamond Harbour Road to reach Behala Chowrasta and take right turn to cover Barisha West-

  1. Barisha Yuva Brinda
  2. Natunpara Sarbojonin
  3. Bakultala Sarbojonin
  4. Barisha Sarbojonin

Come back to Behala Chowrasta and take left turn to cover-

  1. Player’s Corner
  2. Jagarani
  3. Janakalyan
  4. Barisha Netaji Sangha

Take the James Long Sarani and move forward towards South and cover-

  1. Barisha Club
  2. Uttar Barisha
  3. Barisha Tarun Sangha
  4. Sitalatala Kishore Sangha
  5. Barisha Dakshin
  6. Amar Deep Sangha
  7. Sodepur Pragati Sangha

Come back to Diamond Harbour Road and move right side of the road and cover-

  1. Bhola Maheshwartala Sarbojanin
  2. Pashim Barisha Housing Complex
  3. Udayan Pally

Move forward and on the left side cover-

  1. Tapoban
  2. Milan Sangha
  3. Bratachari Gram Sarbojonin
  4. Diamond Park Sarbojonin

From there take the James Long Sarani and then take Mahatma Gandhi Road to cover-

  1. Vivekananda Sporting
  2. Ajeyo Sanghati
  3. Vivekananda Park

Take Putiary Banerjee Road to cover-

  1. Pally Unnayan Samity
  2. 41 Pally
  3. Putiary Club
  4. 97 Pally Bharat mata

Now you have already reach Tollygunge area, you can cover the rest portion next day, or move towards NSC Bose Road to cover-

  1. Sebak Sangha Ajadgarh
  2. Moore Avenue Puja Committee
  3. Bansdhroni Sarat Sangha
  4. Naktala Sammilani
  5. Unnayan Sangha
  6. Gharana

Once, you reach Garia and move towards Garia Station, you can cover-

  1. Naba Durga

From there if you take the Boral Main Road, you can cover-

  1. Pancha Durga

Now take the Raja Subodh Mullick Road and move towards North, to cover-

  1. Yatra Suru Sangha
  2. Kalyan Sangha
  3. Padmashree
  4. Bharati Milan Sangha
  5. Regent Park Housing
  6. Bharat Mata

By the time you have reached Jadavpur. Cross the Sukanta Setu and move towards Santoshpur and cover-

  1. Santoshpur Trikone Park
  2. Avenue Pally Mangal
  3. Lake Pally
  4. Pally Mangal

Reach E M Bypass, cross the road and cover-

  1. Mukundapur Sarbojanin

Move forward towards move through E M Bypass and take the Purbachal main Road to cover-

  1. Purbachal Sarbojanin
  2. Ramlal Bazar Sarbojanin
  3. Madhya Garfa Sarbojanin
  4. Aikatan
  5. Selimpur Jagaran
  6. Abasorika
  7. Babu Bagan

You are now at Jadavpur Thana stop. From here you can take several directions to cover a chain of Durga puja pandals. You need to decide which one you want to cover.

Either, you can take the S. Ghosh Garden Road to cover-

  1. Saraswati Sammilani

Then take B B Chatterjee Road and reach the E M Bypass Connector to cover-

  1. R K Chatterjee Sarbojanin
  2. Deshbandhu Boy’s
  3. Tal Bagan
  4. Bose Pukur
  5. Sitala Mandir
  6. Rajdanga Naboday Sangha

Take E M Bypass again and move towards North to cover-

  1. VIP Nagar
  2. Milan Tirtha
  3. Sunil Nagar

Move towards Topsis Road to cover-

  1. C N Roy Road Sarbojanin

Or, from Jadavpur Thana, you can cover the rest South Kolkata. You can take the P A Shah Road to cover-

  1. Jodhpur Park
  2. 95 Pally
  3. Pally Mangal
  4. Sanghati Puja Samiti
  5. Lake Garden’s People’s Assn
  6. Golf Green Sarodotsab


Best Durga Puja Pandals in South Kolkata for 2018-19


Best Durga Puja Pandals in South Kolkata Map

South Kolkata Map

So, now from here South Kolkata route has been started and now you can enjoy the Durga Puja at some of the most renowned Pandals in Kolkata.

From Jadavpur Thana, you can take the Southern Avenue and then Lake Road to cover-

  1. Samajsebi
  2. Ballygunge Cultural

Now you have reached Rashbehari Avenue. Here you can cover-

  1. Dakshin Kalikata Sarbojonin
  2. Deshopriyo Park
  3. From here, move towards Gariahat to cover-
  4. Singhi Park Sarbojanin
  5. Ekdalia Evergreen
  6. Phalguni Sandha

From here, you can take the Bondal Road to cover-

  1. Durga Bari
  2. 21 Pally

From here, you can either move towards North to cover-

  1. Park Circus
  2. Adi Sammilita 57/58 Palli Sarbojanin Durgotsab

From Gariahat Road, you can move Hazra Road and cover-

  1. Tridhara Sammilani
  2. Maddox Square
  3. Padmapukur Barwari

By now you are on Sarat Bose Road. You have already covered left side of the road. Now explore the right side of Sarat Bose Road and start moving towards South. Here you can cover-

  1. Chakraberia Sarbojanin
  2. Padmapukur Youth Assn.
  3. 22 Pally
  4. Bhowanipur Durgatsav
  5. Abasar
  6. Bakul Bagan Sarbojanin

Take the Hazra Road and move towards West to cover-

  1. 23 Palli
  2. Harish Park Byayam
  3. GokhaleSporting
  4. Forward Club
  5. Kalighat Milan Sangha
  6. 66 Palli
  7. Ashar Sangha

By now, you are on Rashbihari Aveneue. Move left to cover-

  1. Matri Mandir

Now move towards South more to cover-

  1. Adi Lake Palli
  2. Sebak Sangha
  3. Shib Mandir
  4. Mudiali Club
  5. Trikon Park
  6. Sarodiya Sammilani KMC Park
  7. Nabapalli Sangha

You have reached the Tollygunge Circular Road. Here you can cover-

  1. Suruchi Sangha

You are at New Alipore, now. If you cross the Durgapur Bridge, you can cover-

  1. Chetla Agrani

From New Alipore, if you move towards west, you can enter Behala through Taratala.

Best Durga Puja Pandals in Port Area of Kolkata for 2018-19


Best Durga Puja Pandals in Port Area of Kolkata Map

Port Area of Kolkata Map

If you move towards north from Taratala through Diamond Harbour Road, you will reach Khiddherpore. There, you can cover-

  1. Khidderpore Sarbojanin
  2. 25 Palli
  3. 74 Palli
  4. 75 Palli

From there, you need to take Karl Marx Sarani and then Kabitirtha Sarani to reach garden Reach Road. There, you can cover-

  1. Udayan
  2. Khidderpore Palli Saradiya
  3. Nabarag
  4. Kabitirtha Saradotsav
  5. Milan Sangha
  6. 26 Palli

Now it’s turn to move towards North Kolkata. It will be better if you choose another day to cover Central and North Kolkata.

Best Durga Puja Pandals in Central Kolkata for 2018-19


Best Durga Puja Pandals in Central Kolkata Map

Central Kolkata Map

You should start from Esplanade area, if you are covering the Central Kolkata.

The last pandal that you visited through Harish Mukherjee Road – Gokhale Sporting; from there, you are very close to AJC Bose Road. From there, you can start cover-

  1. Taltala Sarbojanin Lord Para
  2. Taltala Children’s Park (14 Palli)
  3. Linton Street Children Youth Forum

From AJC Bose Road, take C.I.T Road and Palmar Bazar Road to reach Beleghata main Road. In this route, you can cover-

  1. Sharir Sangathan Samiti
  2. Purbo Kalikata

Take Beleghata main road and move towards west to cover-

  1. Santosh Mitra Square
  2. Subodh Mullick Square

Take N. Chandra Street to reach College Street. Here you can cover-

  1. Muhammad Ali Park
  2. College Square

Move towards North to Bidhan Sarani and cover-

  1. Simla Bayam Samiti
  2. Chalta Bagan
  3. 37 Palli

From here, move towards Sealdah to cover-

  1. Ram Mohan Sammilani
  2. Sealdah Athletic Club

Best Durga Puja Pandals in North Kolkata for 2018-19


Best Durga Puja Pandals in North Kolkata Map

North Kolkata Map

After this, you are actually entering the North Kolkata. Cross Phool Bagan and reach Maniktala Main Road to cover the east side of North Kolkata-

  1. Mitali Kankurgachi
  2. Brindaban Matri Mandir
  3. Garpar Matri Mandir

If you take the Raja Dinendra Street and move towards north, you will reach the Ultadanga Main Road. Here you will cover-

  1. Gouribari Sarbojanin
  2. Pallyshree Sarbojanin
  3. Telenga Bagan
  4. Pally Bashi Brindo

Take Raja Dinendra Street again and cover-

  1. Shyam Bazar Nabin Sangha

Now you have reached Belgachia. Here you can cover-

  1. Belgachia Sadharan
  2. Belgachia Olaichandi
  3. Friend’s Union

Cross Belgachia and proceed towards Dumdum Road. Here the most famous pandal near Sinthe More is-

  1. Sinthee Sarbojanin

You have already reached the extreme north of Kolkata. Take a U-turn and move towards south. Take Bidhan Sarani and cover-

  1. Shyam Square
  2. Bagbazar Sarbojanin
  3. Bagbazar Pally Puja
  4. Sadharan Durgotsab

From there, take Madan Mohan Tala Street and then Rabindra Sarani to cover-

  1. Kumartuli Park
  2. Ahirtola
  3. 20 Pally

From there, take the Strand Road and Kali Krishna Tagore Road to cover-

  1. Nimtala Sarbojanin
  2. Rabindra Kanan
  3. Hari Ghosh Street

Apart from these, there are a few more pandals in North Kolkata, in Salt Lake are:

  1. Sribhumi Sporting
  2. Lake Town Adibashi Brinda
  3. Lake Town Netaji Sporting

This is not the end of the list. But, you cannot miss any of these Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata in 2018-19. Maybe you will cover many more Pandals on this route that will truly amaze you with its creativity and beauty. Do not forget to frame them with your camera!

If you find any difficulty to locate any of these pandals, you can refer to the map shared by Kolkata Traffic Police.

In case, we have missed any renowned Durga Puja pandals in Kolkata 2018-19, please suggest them in the comment section.

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