How to Get Postpaid SIM in Leh-Ladakh? Which Phone Network Works Best in Leh Ladakh?

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Are you confused which phone network / connections / SIM works in Leh Ladakh? Do you want to know how to get postpaid SIM in Leh Ladakh? Anyone having following queries must read this post before going on a Leh-Ladakh trip!

  • Which network works in Leh?
  • Do mobile phones work in Leh?
  • Is Reliance Jio available in Leh, Ladakh?
  • Is there no network in Ladakh?
  • Will Jio sim work in Leh Ladakh?
  • Is the Vodafone prepaid network available in Leh Ladakh?
  • Which cellphone service has the best network in the Leh Ladakh valley?
  • Does prepaid phone sim card work in Ladakh?
  • Which is the best mobile services in Leh Ladakh?
  • Does Reliance Jio phone connection works in Ladakh?
  • Does Vodafone phone connection card work on a Leh Ladakh trip?
  • Which Sim is best in Leh Ladakh?
  • Is there no network in Ladakh?

If you are planning to travel to Leh and Ladakh from any part of India, the first and foremost thing that you need to focus is the SIM card.

Remember, your usual phone network is not functional in Jammu and Kashmir.

While visiting Leh-Ladakh you need to carry a BSNL or a MTNL ‘Postpaid’ sim card along with you.

Within the Leh city, only BSNL, MTNL and Airtel ‘postpaid’ sim will be functioning. But, as you leave the Leh city and start travelling to Nubra Valley and Pangong Lake, you will not get the network of Airtel. There, you will find only BSNL and MTNL towers.

Most of the people will say that only BSNL network works in Jammu and Kashmir. It is true! But, that does not mean you need to have a BSNL sim only. In two metropolitan cities- Delhi and Mumbai, there is no BSNL. So, people get confused how to get a BSNL sim in Delhi or in Mumbai. You can apply for a MTNL postpaid sim card and take along with you to Leh and Ladakh. As soon as you cross the boundary of Delhi and Mumbai, MTNL will automatically be converted to BSNL. So, you will be able to use an MTNL sim in Leh Ladakh with BSNL connection.

How to Get MTNL postpaid SIM in Delhi and Mumbai for Leh-Ladakh?

You can apply for an MTNL postpaid sim in an MTNL office branch nearest to your address. Each MTNL branch has zonal division; they offer services to a specific area only. You need to visit the MTNL branch of your area, fill a form issued by them, submit a few necessary documents such as your passport sized photograph, your Aadhar card photocopy, your PAN card photocopy, and your electricity bill of the same address. You need to select the plan of MTNL as per your convenience and pay a token amount of Rs. 59. They will instantly give you the sim card and activate it.

How to Get BSNL postpaid SIM with Delhi address proof for Leh-Ladakh?

In case, you really want a BSNL postpaid sim, you will get it from NCR region too. Not all branches of BSNL office will agree to give you a postpaid sim with Delhi documents or address proof. But, you can try in Ghaziabad. You need to fill a form and submit some documents such as your passport sized photograph, your Aadhar card photocopy, your PAN card photocopy, and your electricity bill of the same address or your gas cylinder supply papers. If the electricity bill and the gas papers are not in your name, you need to the Aadhar card photocopy of the person whose name is mentioned on the electricity bill and the gas papers. You need to mention a reference of someone whom you know and stays in Ghaziabad. You need to mention his/her name, address and phone number. You also need to keep Rs. 1000 as security money with BSNL, which is refundable. And if you have BSNL landline connection, then the security money will be Rs. 500.

How to Get SIM Card in Leh-Ladakh?

If you still do not find network in Leh and Ladakh, you can apply for a local prepaid sim card in Leh. There, you need to furnish your documents such as your Identity card, your address proof and your photograph and any local member of Leh can give reference while taking the sim card.

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